Address: Sliema
SLM 1549

No single individual knows the full story of Mr Green’s origins, but Mr Green himself. From his mysterious birth, the disappearance of his parents and growing up in an orphanage; to his journey into adulthood and his rise from poverty to riches.

Mr Green likes to live his life away from the spotlight, remaining an elusive and mysterious figure. He’s not a recluse by any means. Mr Green thrives on adventure and entertainment, experiencing all that life has to offer, but also to live his life according to his gentlemanly philosophies.

What we the employees do know about our enigmatic benefactor, is that Mr Green is a gentleman amongst gentlemen. We uphold his values of honesty and fairness, being entertaining and unexpected, remaining a cut above the competition and that we - his employees, and you - his players are part of one big green family!

Have you got a passion for writing? Do you dream data? Are you're a design wizard? Maybe you simply love the colour green and are looking for an exciting career change? Then come join the team at Mr Green.

Work with Mr Green